At Mill we believe that innovation is the result of a collaborative process between people with different capabilities and approaches


That is why we created an area dedicated exclusively to the search of new ideas and projects that can be part of our portfolio


Idea LAB is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and creatives with ideas or projects that may lack experience in execution and / or financing

Why Choose Us


Our main interest is to ensure the safety of the ideas shared with us, for this reason we create an enrollment process that seeks to protect, over anything, the developments of interested people.


Is your project directly related to the integration or development of technology?

Question #1

Although we would love to be able to work all kinds of projects, we must focus on what we know best and is working with technology. Do not be discouraged, there is always a way to relate projects in the real sector with custom made tools


Are you willing to accept new partners in your project, work as a team and receive advice from third parties?

Question #2

For us it is important to know if you are willing to work as a team and be advised by experts. We believe that one-person projects are a thing of the past


Does your idea represent an innovation platform? In other words, can evolve to different products or services?

Question #3

We like ideas that can evolve and become several products or services. We also want to see creative business models with different ways of monetizing


Can you think of more than 5 clients for your project?

Question #4

It is important to make sure that we are not going to depend on a single client. On the contrary, your project must be scalable not only locally, it must seek a regional or global reach


If you answered yes to the 4 questions,Your project may be of interest to us...